Our Millshop

You Dream It, We Build It!

Handrahan Remodeling Inc. builds custom cabinets, built–ins, shelving and media centers—all designed for a perfect fit in your home. Whether you’d like to create decorative built–ins, additional general storage or a walk–in closet, our staff of fine carpenters will handcraft your solution at our Hingham woodworking shop. We also specialize in recreating historical styles in all types of millwork, from doors, railings and moldings to decorative wainscoting and mantels. Many homeowners add these unique elements of quality woodwork to give their rooms a distinctive warmth and charm. We’d love to see what you have in mind, so give us a call. You Dream It, We Build It!

Meet Kevin Murphy, Millshop Manager

“Kevin is very receptive to the customer’s needs and works well with customers to create exactly what they want. He takes pride in his work and it shows on the finished product. His custom cabinetry looks like something you’d see in a real high-end magazine built to fit that particular project or space. Customers will get what they’re paying for.”  ~ Michael Tompkin, owner of Tompkins Electrical in Hingham

Each piece is handcrafted and guaranteed to meet your needs

Handcrafted piece in our millshop

I have enjoyed working with wood all my life and can remember back to middle school when I made a swan-necked plant holder for my parents that they still use today. And since I always guarantee my work, I recently replaced a few rotted slats in the planter! My shop teacher was a great instructor who made the class fun and engaging. Perhaps this is where my passion for making things was truly cultivated.

Two years ago I was given the opportunity to create a complete millshop for Handrahan Remodeling. I researched and located all the millwork machines and designed the layout of the shop to maximize production efficiency. Today you can usually find me in our mill shop with my music playing focused on transforming a drawing on paper into a custom-crafted piece of fine cabinetry.