7 Reasons to Consider Open Kitchen Shelving

Time to start that kitchen remodel, renovation or just ready for a tweak in your kitchen design? Consider (or reconsider!) open kitchen shelves. The thought of having all your dishes or cookware exposed may have you running the opposite way.  But the kitchen doesn’t just have to be utilitarian anymore! Use your kitchen design to show off your personality with bold, open shelving.


 1.  Increased storage and accessibility.  Your kitchen items won’t have to be crammed into confined spaces any more. You’ll find you keep the things you use the most handy and may even toss those things you’ve kept around but never use.

 2.  Easy to organize and reorganize.  And it’s super easy to find things! If you’re not happy with the way you laid things out initially, it’s a breeze to reorganize with open shelves.

3.  Your kitchen…your style.  Modern? Traditional? Open shelves can work with any style kitchen remodeling job.  You’ll still need storage space, so balancing open shelves with closed custom cabinets is a good idea.

 4.  Budget friendly.  You will realize a significant savings in your kitchen remodeling budget with open shelves since you don’t have to purchase the cabinets and doors.

5.  Brightens up and opens up your kitchen.   Your kitchen opens up visually when the cabinets are removed. The counter space becomes more accessible and is flooded with much more light.

 6.  Color!   Brighten an all white kitchen with painted or papered walls behind the shelves. Or strategically use the items on your shelves to provide all the pop of color you’ll need.

 7.  Display special collections or items.  Is your wedding china tucked away in a cabinet? Still haven’t figured out what to do with those ceramic Italian roosters you inherited currently sitting in a trunk up in your attic?  Open kitchen shelves can be the answer you’ve been searching for!

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