Brighten Up Your Kitchen with a Fun Palette

The kitchen, the hub of our home and family, should be a warm and welcoming environment. Traditional kitchen designs are timeless but may not reflect the individual style of your home or your family. Perhaps you are ready to try something new and inspiring but don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you’ve already spent a lot of time and money updating your cabinets and counter tops but now want a smaller change.

Splashes of color can do the trick! The idea of painting your classic white cabinets a bold red or grass green may have you running  and screaming from the room, but don’t fret… there are many ways to add color! You can get a whole new look without all the expense and inconvenience of a major kitchen remodel. Start small and let your creativity flow. Pretty soon your kitchen personality will shine through!

Check out more colorful kitchen trends and inspirations from Better Homes and Garden here!


Try adding new light fixtures using a bold color.


Consider having your cabinets professionally painted (or repainted). You will be rewarded with a new-looking kitchen for a fraction of the price of new cabinets. 


 Mix and match paint colors or mix a painted island with wooden cabinets. 


​Use open shelving or an accent wall to add bright colors to your kitchen!

Use the comment section below to tell us about your experience with color in the kitchen.

Bring your kitchen design ideas to our millshop and we can guide you through the design process all the way to completion of your dream kitchen! Your Dream It, We Can Build It!

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