How the Right Cabinet Door Can Make Your Kitchen Remodel Work for You

When starting a kitchen remodel or new kitchen design there are many cabinet choices… traditional or modern kitchen design? store bought or custom cabinets? painted or stained? soft close doors and drawers? knobs or pulls?

Once you’ve decided on some of the basic questions, take a step back from your design to consider how you use your kitchen spaces. It’s important to consider the latest kitchen trends to assure you’ll get a stylish AND  high-functioning kitchen.

An exciting home trend is the use of lift-up kitchen cabinet doors. No more banging your head on open cabinet doors or dinging cabinet doors on the vent hood or other obstacles! Vertical lift-up cabinet doors create a sleek modern design with these big advantages for your custom kitchen:

  • Everyday items are kept behind cabinet doors to minimize clutter

  • Doors fold up or down and stay put and out of the way

  • Additional shelf space is created when items don’t need to be accessible from one side or the other

There are a variety of styles, options and hinge types depending on where in the kitchen they will be and your individual needs.

How about a counter cabinet just for your heavy mixer! Instead of lifting it from a bottom cabinet or pulling it down from an upper cabinet, just drag it out of its counter cabinet by simply lifting the cabinet door up and out of the way.


Installing custom cabinets can solve the clutter vs. accessibility issues. Create a coffee bar or hide your kitchen TV behind either horizontal lift up or pocket cabinet doors. You can open the cabinet doors and slide them into their pockets and then slide out the stand with your coffee bar or TV. Once you’re done, just close it back up and out of sight. This is great for a microwave as well!

If you are hesitant about the kitchen design being too modern, consider faux double-cabinet doors that lift up.  Mix and match traditional dual cabinet doors with lift-up doors to increase your kitchen’s functionality AND  your desired style and overall look!

Contact us with your custom cabinet design ideas for your kitchen or any other room. You Dream It, We Can Build It!

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